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Portable analysis tool for biogas units

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Key Features: 

  • Measures methane, moisture and CO₂ 

  • Lightweight and durable construction 

  • Available to rent or purchase 

  • Easy to use setup and interface, with data available via wireless tablet 

  • Safe for use in zone 2


Available as a service or as a product, the ADvantage is a compact, powerful tool for biogas CHP engine tuning and overall plant optimisation. This tool allows quick and low cost availabilty of key biogas measurements, enabling CHP engines to be accurately tuned when commissioned or serviced. This results in a more efficient engine which will have a much higher energy yield, increasing profits and reducing running costs. In addition, the ADvantage can be used in biomethane applications to measure the quality of biogas moving on to the cleanup plant. This enables tweaking of processes and equipment to increase efficiency and yield, therefore increasing time spent flowing to grid.

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