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Make your data work for you

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Key Features:

  • Easy integration with existing PLC systems

  • Trending of data points allowing monitoring for performance degradation

  • Customisable cost analysis on live data

  • Historical logging of data locally

  • Configurable near real-time alarms and alerts

  • Text and email notifications for site activity

Bohr Cloud

Take your site to the next level with Bohr Cloud.  Put your data to work with trends and notifications on the go, allowing easier monitoring for performance degradation, bottlenecks, and shutdowns, as well as multi-site management.

Access to real-time trends and historical data allows you to make informed decisions, simplifying perventative maintenance and breakdown prediction- reducing the risk of costly, unexpected and disruptive shutdowns and failures. Paired with our servicing and spares capacity, we can optimise production whilst helping to mitigate long lead times currently seen with most critical components.

Configurable alerts, including text and emails, keep you up to date on the go and the range of choice between urgent alarms or informational updates make it a useful companion to both high-level management and technicians alike. In addition, the Bohr Cloud app means site information is just a tap away, helping drive a more agile and optimised environment- saving you both time and money.

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