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Flammable gas monitoring in relatively clean, low temperature, low concentration applications

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Key Features:

  • Accurate: Multiple Wavelengths detect broad range of solvents & gases without recalibration

  • Reliable: Response factors with minimum variation

  • Fast: Superior response time, less than 4 Seconds

  • No Add-ons: Accessories, moving parts, or mirrors are not necessary

  • Fully Heated: All sample-wetted parts are heated, including the detector assembly, the optical cell, & sample probe

  • Industrial Design: Immune to poisoning and requires no oxygen for operation

CIC AcuPro

The AcuPro® is an industrial strength analyser with a complete sampling system, heated optical cell, and integrated controller for continuous measurement of flammable, and some combustible vapors, from 0% to 100% of the Lower Flammable Limit (%LFL, or LEL). It is suitable for monitoring a single solvent in a wide variety of processes. And it may be used for mixtures of solvents with a reduced level of accuracy in processes where the normal solvent concentrations are below 25%LFL.

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