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A micro-combustion type BTU calorimeter for measuring heating value (LHV/HHV)

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Key Features:

  • Real time: Direct measure of calorific value

  • Fast: Less than 3.5 seconds cell response time

  • Universal: Highly uniform response to a wide variety of combustibles

  • Continuous: Ongoing measurement, not batched

  • Reliable: Not poisoned by process contaminant, water, corrosives, or organo-metallics

  • Fully Heated: The entire analyzer's pneumatic assembly is heated which prevents condensation

CIC CalorVal

The CalorVal is an industrial strength assembly consisting of a heated flame cell and integrated controller that continuously measures the heating value (Calorific Value) of gaseous streams of industrial processes.

A carefully metered flame burns at a constant reference temperature inside an explosion proof measuring cell. A sample, drawn from the atmosphere to be monitored, is passed through the flame cell. A thermocouple measures changes in flame temperature. An increase in temperature is directly proportional to the heating value.

Autocalibration solenoids which allow remote activation of calibration tests are standard.

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