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Efficient and low cost CO₂ analysis & certification for food and beverage industries

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Key Features: 

  • Turnkey system for online monitoring of CO₂ 

  •  Provides full ISBT-recommended compositional analysis, compliant with EIGA and CGA 

  • Certification station and analysis server included 

  • Instantaneous certificate of analysis which is configurable, printed and stored as PDF 

  • Aids implementation of AHAC-CP/HARPC methodology for complete traceability 

  • UPS and Oxygen, CO₂ sensors for high safety and availability


This product provides a complete solution to CO₂ analysis to ISBT standards, tailored to biomethane production applications. Recycling waste gasses into CO₂ allows lowering of emissions, boosted profits, and increased efficiency. It provides an automated process for simple driver and operator interface, with option to print or download an instantaneous certificate of analysis. Also, it has secure remote access for service technicians and monitoring. Significant CAPEX reduction to suit any size biomethane plant, helping achieve environmental objectives whilst capitalising on the monetary value of your CO₂.

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