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The world's most advanced and compact LNG sample vaporiser

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Key Features:

  • Suitable for: Custody transfer – Loading & Unloading Terminals, Refueling stations, Storage tank monitoring, FLNG / FRSU, LNG Carriers  

  • Suitable for all LNG pressures 

  • Actuated fail-safe option with manual override 

  • Exceeds all known sampling standards 

  • Available with bi-directional flow, direct connection to storage take or non-cryogenic LPG applications

LNG Sample Vaporiser

The LNG sample vaporiser connects directly to the process, and unlike similar technology it doesn't require: vacuum insulated pipework, sacrificial cooling flow, or a sample line isolation value (included inside vaporiser). This makes it a much more efficient and cost-effective vaporising solution, with no loss of sub-cooling.

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