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Sustaining Critical Operations

Plant Optimisation

Efficiency and optimisation are at the heart of what we do, and our team of industry leaders can help you identify opportunities to optimise and improve. We challenge the norms, combining our expertise with novel and inexpensive technologies to maximise efficiency; encouraging predictive and preventative measures and resiliency, rather than fire-fighting unplanned and costly issues that arise. Our dedicated R&D team ensures we have a knowledge of the latest technologies, and we combine this with unrivaled software capabilities and process improvements to find the right solution for your individual needs and budget.

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R & D

If you are wanting to find or make use of a new measurement or control technology, method or application, we can help. We continuously develop new products, or new solutions by cleverly utilising and combining existing products and technologies to meet your gas measurement and control needs. We are experts in first-of-a-kind and custom solutions for emerging applications.

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Servicing & Maintenance

We are able to provide regular servicing of a wide range of plants and equipment. Preventative servicing and maintenance not only increases overall uptime and grid flow, but optimises production to reduce running costs. Our experienced and flexible team can cater to specific site needs to reduce disruption and maintain a stable and reliable operation.

Walking Under Gas Pipes


We are able to provide an array of consultation and design services, drawing on our experience working with government agencies, distribution networks, regulatory bodies and industrial partners.
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Sustaining Critical Operations

Ensure ease and speed of repairs and replacements by choosing us to help maintain your critical operations. After engagement, we review your whole operation and site individualities, allowing us to identify potential weaknesses and pending pitfalls in the continuous operation or supply of critical components.
We can source critical components based on your operational exposure in coordination with operations and procurement teams, and continuously check for areas in which you may benefit from cross-site equipment harmonisation or upgrades. 
To facilitate this, we are able to provide management of critical spares at our facility, with dedicated bonded storage, management and unique labelling of your equipment to ease the increasing stress and risk associated with shortages and stock management.
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