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Smart control of methane and carbon dioxide

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Key Features:

  • Measures methane and carbon dioxide

  • Measurement range 0...5% CH₄

  • Measurement accuracy +-0.15 %

  • Compact, self-contained unit certified for Ex environments

  • Durable, integrated and self-cleaning optical sensors

  • Low cost of ownership. No consumables, no sampling necessary

Vaisala MGP262

The Vaisala CARBOCAP® MGP262 continuously measures the methane concentration in offgas from your biogas upgrading unit to keep you from letting your profits go up in the air. The MGP262 is the answer to the problem that some methane slip always occurs in the upgrading process. It helps you adjust your process so that you avoid greenhouse gas emissions while you can concentrate on producing the best biomethane possible with compact, in-situ measurement, no need to rely on sampling

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