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Connectivity at Futures Close


Full control of your application

With Bohr, you have complete control of your LoRaWAN application. Simply enrol your devices as you would normally. Connecting your LoRaWAN devices to the Futures Close gateway couldn't be easier. The Multitech Conduit provides excellent coverage to all corners of the site. 


No usage limit

Bohr are providing this managed service at no cost to fellow innovators. Development of LoRaWAN solutions helps to build the business case, and increase confidence in the technology. We all benefit from a stronger community.


Hardened infrastructure

Nobody likes surprises or outside interference, and we are no exception. We provide industry leading network technology, built and maintained by experts. The security and integrity of your application data is key to a successful project.  


Fully managed service

We look after the networking, so you don't have to. Our Multitech Conduit constantly reports its status to our network server, so we can immediately diagnose any connectivity issue.

Get in Touch

If you would like to take advantage of this networking service, please get in touch by emailing 

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