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About Us
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Our team of experienced engineers are committed to providing a green energy solution for you. We offer world-leading products, bespoke solutions, pre-packaged analysis equipment, plant optimisation and servicing. 

The Bohr Limited team has 200 years of collective experience in natural gas, hydrogen and biomethane, and can provide support and advice to any scale of operation. Enquire now to see what we can do for you.

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No matter the size of the situation, our team of bright minds can help you find a solution or improvement. Reach out to us if you have a problem to solve, and we will be happy to provide no-obligation advice and suggestions on how to proceed.


We build on the range of expertise and experience of our people and aim to be a first port of call for any queries or issues - getting a feel for real-world issues helps us not only help you but others too.

Our Mission
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We are dedicated to helping achieve net zero. As the world moves towards this goal, the only way to progress is through significant technological innovation. We are working on several enabling technologies that will help unlock clean energy, with a dedicated R&D team supporting our investment in the future.

We believe that innovation is for everyone, and are committed to providing improvements in performance, productivity, reliability and safety for a wide range of budgets and applications.

By nurturing relationships with our partners and clients, we hope to encourage a greener, cleaner world.

Our Markets
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Industrial Users


Natural Gas & Grid




Food & Beverage Grade CO₂



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Partner Organisations
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